This session is now full so please contact us first if you wish to bring new people.  We don’t want to turn people away but we have to think of the quality of the session if we have too many, we can try to fit them into other sessions on other days.  With that in mind and in attempt to deal with the over spill of new people wanting to get involved we are starting a new over 40’s session at Solihull, 7:00pm this Friday evening, this is on a trial basis as we understand this may be an awkward time for some but may suit others!? We already have a core of people willing to come so let us know if you want to attend.  While we are on the subject, don’t forget we have the new session on Saturday at Solihull 12:45pm for further choice and opportunity.

NB with regards to the quality of all sessions, can people turn up in good time please as it makes things awkward if people turn up late, thank you.